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21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

21 days of Prayer & Fasting will draw each of us closer to God and engage our faith at a higher level to release His mighty power and advance His kingdom on earth.

Prayer topics Specific to Salt

Prayer for Salt:

  • Health of the church

  • Development of community

  • Growing big people

  • Structure of 10,000

Prayer for the A/G movement:

  • Prophetic insight for leadership (executive)

  • Health of the movement

  • Growth of churches

Prayer for missionaries:

  • Cambodia – health, protection and support for the Somervilles, growth and health of the various churches, for new ministry opportunities, funds for the poultry farm. 

  • Thailand – health and strength for Val Bateup, unity, encouragement and vision for the Good News Team, protection and spiritual growth for the children

  • India – freedom from jail for Dr Rahman, protection for the GNI children, opening of closed Dream Centres, particularly Cuttack   

  • New missionaries heading out from within the A/G movement

Four ways to pray

#1 Individually

Download the 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting booklet from the Salt Website or collect a paper copy from Information on Sunday. Set a time each day to read the devotion for that day and pray through the prayer points.

#2 In pairs

Find someone to be your prayer partner and set a suitable time each day or during the week to meet and pray together. This could be husbands and wives, flat mates, work mates, friends, etc.

#3 In Lifegroups

Time will be made in Life Groups each week to pray.

#4 Corporate prayer meetings

We have two weekly prayer meetings: Sunrise prayer on Wednesday mornings at 6.30-7.30am in the Salt Function Centre, and PUSH Prayer on Sunday evenings at 7pm-8pm in the Salt Auditorium.


Get the Devotional and Prayer Booklet

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