Tithes & Offerings

Here at Salt generosity is one of our main values, tithes and offerings are an integral part of who we are.

They cover the day to day operations of Salt which exists to connect all people to a loving God, to create a Christian community that really cares for and supports one another, to equip people to serve God and help others grow in faith and to support and release people to serve in many areas of the world.

Here at Salt we recognise God’s Lordship and sovereignty over our financial affairs by honouring Him with a tenth of our income and increase (Lev 27:30-32). We know God loves and desires to have a real relationship with every single person and His plan has always been connected to His house (the church) on earth. Tithes and offerings are God’s way of financing this vision.


Here's how you can give:


Auto Payment and Internet Banking

To set up your automatic payment for regular giving, or to make Salt a saved payee in your internet banking, our account details are:

Salt Account Details

  • Salt HQ Assembly of God (PN) Trust Board
  • Acct: 03-0726-0484120-04
  • Code: your giving number request one here
  • Reference: what are you giving towards
    e.g. Tithes.

We use giving numbers to help us keep a good track of giving here at Salt. You can request a giving number here so we can make sure it is all allocated to your end-of-year giving statement.

Please note only NZ based giving towards NZ based projects and funds are eligible for IRD tax rebate on donations.


Give now with a click

To give a one-off payment straight from your bank account. Please see the global page for Global ‘Give Now’ giving.


Give with Credit/Debit Card

To give a gift towards the day to day operations of Salt – Financing Gods vision for His house. (Note: All NZ based donations are eligible for an IRD Claimable Giving Statement at the end of the tax year.)

Give with Credit/Debit Card


Cash on Sunday

To give with cash bring it with you on Sunday and pop it in the white pottles as they go past you during our services.