Salt Kids

4 - 10 YEARS

Salt Kids is the Children's ministry of Salt Church. Salt Kids is a movement dedicated to see children know who they are in Christ - presenting the message of Jesus in a fun and relevant way. After Sunday morning praise and worship, Salt Kids gathers to engage in quality age-specific programs with craft, music and bible teaching.

Sunday Mornings 9am and 11.15am

During the school term
Service times are 9am and 11.15am, where children are in the main praise and worship for the first half an hour, then the Function Centre for their programs for the next hour.

Sign in and Collection
Children are registered and they check-in at the front desk of the Salt Auditorium at 9.30am or 11.45am. They check-out and are collected by their parents from the Function Centre once the main service has finished.

During the Holidays
The regular Salt Kids program does not run during the holidays, so the children remain in the Salt Auditorium with their families. We do however provide activities such as colouring in, word finds, and crossword puzzles. From time to time we also provide a movie or activity in the Function Centre, in which case the normal sign in and collection procedure applies. Please be aware however that while children are in the main service, parents are responsible for their well being.

What we teach

We use the Hillsong curriculum for the seniors and "Little K" for the Juniors. Both are aimed at equipping our kids with the necessary tools and building blocks of faith, so that they can become good disciples, balanced, stable and strong, being able to go the distance.

Extra care

While our team is able to accommodate the needs of most of the children in our care, we do recognise that some children's needs are a little more specialised, requiring extra assistance. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your child's individual requirements and work with you to help tailor a solution that best fits you, your child and their needs.

What to know more?

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