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We are a church serious about The Great Commission.  We want to be a church that is reaching not only to those in our community, but also those in our wider world.  We financially support three main ministries that echo our heartbeat at Salt.  We are passionate about seeing justice prevail, the poor and underprivileged lifted up and the captives set free.

These ministries are:

Love Cambodia
Mark and Janice were sent out by Salt to work in Kampong Cham in Cambodia.  They have made massive inroads in the community and are well respected by the locals. Key areas of investment are:

  • Leadership Training
  • Youth and Children
  • Micro Enterprise Businesses
  • English Teaching
  • Primary Schooling
  • Installing deep wells
  • Mercy and Relief programmes
  • Teachers' Seminars

Good News Team in Thailand
Val founded the Good News Team in Thailand.  Their focus is on outreach to children in several ways: 

  • Presenting the gospel in schools
  • Sending Christian booklets to schools for their libraries
  • A Bible Correspondence Course currently reaching 20,000 children

Over the years the team has reached a staggering 110,000 children through the correspondence course. 

Good News India
Good News India is a mercy mission reaching out to the orphans, lepers and “at risk” girls of the West Bengal and Orissa Region. 

  • Children - GNI currently has 30 “Dream Centres’ housing more than 2,200 children. Their vision is to open 100 such “Dream Centres’ that can feed, clothe, love and educate orphaned and vulnerable children.
  • Lepers - India is one of the few countries where Leprosy is still prevalent. GNI is providing intervention and prevention to the children under their care as well as help and medication to their leper parents.
  • High Risk Girls - 80% of the girls that “work” in the brothels of India are forcibly brought down from the Northeastern Hills of the Himalayan Mountains. Some of these precious girls are as young as five years old. GNI are working to intervene in this heinous industry.

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