Salt Crèche

1 - 3 YEARS

Salt Crèche is designed for children aged 1 to 3 and is a fully supervised and safe environment. Parents are welcome to remain in crèche or to take advantage of our loving team. Children are cared for, engaged with and given access to a range of craft, art and other resources. We encourage free play but also have mat time, where children are given morning tea, engaged in stories and a short teaching time. Your child can be brought out to the crèche during any point of the service.

Salt Crèche runs throughout the school term. During the school holidays the crèche room is open and available for families to supervise their own children.

What does Salt Crèche offer?

Teaching Topic
In addition to our free play philosophy, we also have mat time where we read stories, sing songs and engage children in learning about God through the Christian themed story of the term.    

Mums Connect
A multicultural fortnightly group that for mums of preschoolers and babies where we meet every 2nd Tuesday morning in one another’s homes. This is a non-judgemental group journeying through parenthood together.

Mums Room
Available during the Sunday service for anyone who would like a quiet place to feed baby.

With the latest news and updates available to all crèche families

Going through a challenging time?
If you have a new baby or are going through a challenging time we want to be there to support you.  We will organise a hot meal or two to be dropped off to your family.  Just talk to a friendly crèche committee team member.

Salt Creche Senior Director:
Kayla Burrows

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