Revolve Pre-Teens


Revolve Pre-Teens is the intermediate aged ministry of Salt Church. It is a movement for all Intermediate kids looking to make new connections, to empower them to make right choices, live out their dreams and to make difference in Palmy. We meet Friday nights at 7pm during the school term.

Friday Nights 7pm - 8.30pm at Salt Function Centre

Revolve Pre-Teens runs weekly alongside the school term calendar - so when school is on, Friday nights will be pumping at Revolve Pre-Teens. We have a high-energy program - food, activities, games, good times, and a message to inspire and equip!

Revolve Pre-Teens Senior Directors:
Benji + Pip Baxendine

Want to find out more about Revolve Pre-Teens?

Check us out on facebook or instagram, or if you want to talk to someone get intouch or email us at