Good News India is a mercy mission reaching out to the orphans, lepers and sex slaves of the West Bengal and Orissa regions. 


GNI has 33 ‘Dream Centers’ (shelter homes) with approximately 3000 kids rescued mainly from sexual and bonded slavery, giving them full time care right through to a College or Vo-tech education.  


GNI has one leper home with about 50 adults and 130 of their children, providing them with food, clothes and medication.

High risk girls 

GNI runs an intervention program that gets to vulnerable girls before the sex traffickers get to them.  

Salt support

  • Child sponsorship - for just $50 per month you can sponsor a GNI child right through to tertiary graduation. To enquire about sponsoring a GNI child, email

  • Prayer

Good News India and Dr Rahman:

Update on Dr Rahman, the founder of GNI: 9th August 2019:

On December 1st 2018, Dr Rahman was taken into custody on what we believe to be false charges. He is still in jail awaiting trial. He is in good heart and fully trusting in God. Sadly, his hearing dates keep getting postponed for all sorts of trivial reasons. Please pray for his encouragement, for a fair trial and his release. GNI is continuing to operate and all the children are accounted for. The Cuttack Dream Centre, the one that Salt raised funds to build, remains closed along with the Dhenkanal, Balasore and Kandhamal Centres. The remaining 29 Centres are open and operating. Please pray for the Directors of Cuttack and for its reopening.