Giving Statements 2018


Before confirming your details, we need you to be aware of some legal stuff, concerning donation tax credits (tax returns):

Currently our NZ government offers to tax payers meeting the IRD eligibility requirements a tax credit on donations over $5 given in NZ to approved donee organizations.

As a registered charity Salt can offer giving statements for all donations over $5 that were given for any NZ based purpose, funds, offerings, projects or needs.

Salt is happy to provide an end of year giving statement but is not responsible for issuing any tax credits. Tax credit claims are fulfilled under the discretion of IRD.

To apply for a donation tax credit, send IRD a completed IR526 and a statement/receipt of your donations for the completed tax year. Once received IRD will assess and process your claim.
For full details regarding applying for a donation tax credit see IRDs website. 
Click here to go to the IRD website. 

To request a Salt giving statement please complete the “My Giving Details” form, by clicking the "confirm my giving details" button at the bottom of this page.

Giving statements can be obtained after the 2nd Sunday in April for the Tax year (1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018)

Please note Items on your giving statement under the “tax deductible” section are the only amounts eligible for a donation tax credit. Any transactions under “non tax deductible” which includes any money given specifically for overseas purpose, needs, projects or funds cannot be claimed against.


Salt uses giving numbers to record donations – To request a giving number please complete the “My Giving Details” form and enter your giving number as your bank or envelope reference.


Thank you for your faithful generosity.