Getsmart 2017 Terms and Conditions

Parent/Guardian Consent and Authority

I consent to all of the information supplied on this form being used for purpose of running the Revolve Youth activities. 

I consent to photos and video being taken of my young person during programmes and activities and these being used for advertising purposes 

In the event of sickness or accident I authorise that Revolve Youth Leaders seek qualified medical personnel to provide medical treatment to my young person but only in the case where I cannot be contacted to give permission personally, or I am otherwise unavailable. Please provide care & treatment to minimize unnecessary pain, complications, scarring or delays in recovery, as well as to protect life & limb.  

I authorise that Revolve Youth Leaders may administer Panadol to my young person if in their discretion they believe that this may be of assistance to relieve pain.    

I indemnify Revolve Youth against any costs relating to medical treatment or injuries sustained while at camp or a youth event, except in the event that the liability arises as a result of negligence of Revolve Youth.  I will reimburse Revolve Youth for any expenses incurred on behalf of my young person in relation to medical treatment. I understand that the team at Getsmart will take due care with the programme provided, and that Getsmart accepts no responsibility for any injury incurred during the course of the Getsmart conference.

I understand that disruptive behaviour and misconduct will result in the person concerned being taken home or collected by parent/guardian if required to by the Revolve Youth Directors. Fees will not be refunded and any costs for damage or transport will be charged to the parent/guardian.

If I have a concern or compliment about anything, I will contact the Youth Directors at Revolve Youth by writing to Sio & Sarah Vaelua, Salt, PO Box 306, Palmerston North.