Getsmart 2017

To register for Getsmart 2017, pay for your registration then fill out the registration form. 

Payment options:
- Internet payment via POLi (link below, excludes 'Cooperative Bank'). Link to register is located on the 'successful payment' page. 
- Cash (pay at Revolve Youth on a Friday night, and register there).

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Getsmart 2017 Info:

With much enthusiasm Revolve Youth announces that we will be yet again, heading down to the incredible Arise Conference which Getsmart Youth Conference is intertwined into! This year, for 2017 it is called Yes & Amen and will be all about helping our young people reach their potential and go after the bright future that is ahead of them!

This event is vital in the Revolve Youth calendar. We believe that the youth of our nation are the leaders of tomorrow as well as the leaders of today. We recognise their passion for life and the limitless dreams they possess. Get smart Conference 2017 is going to be an awesome time as teenagers from all over our nation gather together for three days, to have the time of their life, be encouraged to be all that they are purposed to be, to aim high for their dreams, and make good choices for their school, their peers and their future. We know that will come back empowered to be the leaders of today. The future starts NOW!

Get Smart is being held in Wellington on July 20th-22nd, which is in the last weekend of the term 2 school holidays (just before term 3 commences). We will head down on Thursday the 20th in the morning for some team bonding time, before conference kicks off that night. We will be staying at a local Marae. There will be a strong team of support adults, bus drivers, catering team and general supervision.

To register you’ll need to fill out the Online form and pay online via POLi. This is extremely safe and will just take you to your online banking account to do an internet payment for Getsmart. This will secure their place! If you do not have internet banking – please discuss this with your young person’s Lifegroup Leader. The online payment option just makes it A LOT easier on our end as we are not having to count and handle large amounts of cash! It is more track-able and safe this way.

It is our desire for every young person at Revolve to attend so we urge you to make an investment into their future and help get them there!  Encourage them to get fundraising! If you would like to talk further about the cost, or if you have any further questions please get in touch with your young person’s lifegroup mentor.

So excited to have your young person as an important part of Revolve!




Thursday 20th July @ 10.30am SHARP at the end of Matipo Street, outside Salt HQ


Saturday 22nd July @ 12.00am (midnight, Saturday night) SHARP at the end of Matipo Street, outside Salt HQ. If youth are unable to be picked up from Salt, they will be dropped off upon return to Palmerston North, Saturday midnight. 


Tranzit Coachlines New Zealand


Wainuiomata Marae: Corner of Wellington Road and Fitzherbert Road, Parkway Extension, Wainuiomata, Wellington.

GetSmart Conference:

TSB Arena, 4 Queens Wharf, Wellington + Michael Fowler Center, 11 Wakefield St, Wellington, 6011

E. W. P. +64 4 499 0477


Please bring:   1. A ‘DRINK BOTTLE’ that you can refill for while your away

2. Any extra ‘Snacks’ you wish to have while at Camp.

3. A container of baking to share for suppers

We will be providing, Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners while away apart from Lunch on Thursday and Sunday.

Please bring a packed lunch for Thursday. (There will be an opportunity to purchase lunch at a food court.)



There’s no need to bring a pillow or mattress – Clean linen, pillows, mattresses are all provided

-Sleeping bag – not heaps of blankets!
-Clothes and underwear for 3 days – pack WARM clothes & a raincoat
-Change of shoes – in case your shoes get soaked through!
-Toiletries (toothbrush, hairbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, medication)
-Towel for showering
-Cell phone if you have one + its charger
-Bible + pen + paper you can chuck in a bag to take notes at Get Smart
-Snacks for the week
-Money if you want to do extra shopping/buy extra food – there will be opportunities to do so.
-An AWESOME attitude and expectation!

All of your belongings are your personal responsibility to keep safe. Please don’t bring valuables that you can’t carry on you at all times.


Emergency Contact:

Kiri Turu / 0277681636

Please note, that there may not be cell phone reception all the time. Please leave a message, & Kiri will get back to you as soon as she can.

Please contact Salt HQ (Pastor Sue or Russell) if there is an immediate emergency and you can’t get hold of Kiri: P. (06) 3569913 OR0274816484 (FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY).

They have our itinerary + RAMS forms if needed.


1st Aid/Health Concerns

Please notify via email any health issues or concerns that are not identified on your young person’s registration form. We hold no responsibility for medication, so please make sure, your young person has bought their medication to camp, and they look after it themselves.

We have Comprehensive First Aid qualified leaders on camp.

Leader:Youth ratio is 1:8


Pay via POLi and register now